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The smartphones that are available for purchase are: Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Sony and Huawei

The laptops that are available for purchase are: Apple Mac Book, Sony, Vaio, Acer, HP, Dell, Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo and MSI


All the prices are in American Dollars. The taxing of some electronics depends on the shipping location provided.


It is easy to track the status of your order. Enter your web confirmation number here.


All purchases can be made through

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Our team uses a 1024-bit or 2048-bit encryption keys to ensure that your personal information is highly secure for your protection.

FREE  Cheap Electronics Shipping

You’re right, there are no shipping charges. Make your order online and get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Russia and Asia.


Orders made online are purchased and activated in about 2-4 business days. Shipping takes about 3-6 business days.


If you are not home to receive your order, the courier will leave you a delivery notice. Orders are held for a maximum of 13 days for you to pick up at your nearest pick-up location.


Due to the fair pricing that we offer, Goods once sold cannot be returned.


We offer a variety of other services apart from Western Union Hack. We do Bank Transfer Hacks, Sales of Full info Cards (Fullz), Worldwide Travel Reservations (Central bookings and E-Ticket confirmations) and Shipping.


Contact Us only through email and messenger for support. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to assist with inquiries and questions.

Email: legitwuhackers@gmail.com

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  1. Esha


  2. tj

    I need a payment

  3. Myatpyue


  4. Kinguser

    I want to buy iPhone7 +

  5. Money boss

    Western Union transfer. Email me what is needed.

  6. Edmund A

    Can you make third party payment for me if I order from USA or China?
    If yes please mail me details and procedure.
    Thank you

    • smy

      can I do this hacking stuff

      • smile

        how can I start up

  7. Humble

    Can you send electronics prices of Apple products please.

  8. Humble

    Can you send me electronics prices for Apple products please.

  9. Humble

    Hey, can anyone really vouch for this site. I need like really life proof and evidence please. Email or ICQ

    • vince

      I usually get a couple of iPhones from them so ya, they’re good.

  10. scott ryan

    i need iphone x i already emailed you admin 🙂 thank you

  11. Dan

    I’m really interested in the shopping and WesternUnion transfer…. please do get in touch with me asap

  12. clement

    i need hp 5103 mini laptop how much it will cost me

  13. Bob

    Hey I need to talk to u about a deal

  14. Mark

    How much samsung s9+ to italy?

  15. kimkarme

    Hi i need to pay 2 pises iPhone x black 256GB
    how much will cost with shopping to sweden .. how long time will take to sweden ?

  16. brat

    admin do you have ax current list of phones and laptops available with price? I have an idea what I want just need prie

  17. Linda

    Admin payments details

  18. Nate

    Admin please email me… Need a legit partner

  19. Thingz

    I need MacBook Pro what’s the cost?

  20. aleshia

    Thank you admin i received the iPhone 6 yesterday keep up the great service

  21. Roxann galyean

    Im looking for shipping services? there some items i require in bulk for my business.

  22. Beata Paquette

    how much does it cost to ship a Lenovo Y50 15.6″ i7 ,2.6GHz,16GB RAM,1T+8GB SSHD to North Carolina

  23. JO-hnny

    do you ship to England? I wanted to order a UHD samsung Tv

  24. john

    sir I have been scammed many times …
    I seen your advertise but I can’t say anythings….how I do know you are legist and real or not…. I need good sellar…

    • Western Union Hacker

      Emailed you details.

      • PANDApp

        same question,hi bro ,do you know localbitcoins.com,his securied transaction is very good,can i make deal with you through it

        • Western Union Hacker

          Yes we accept bitcoins from LBC. Emailed you details.

          • big cheesy D

            where do i buy the stuff

      • harold jade diaz

        i need you please send me money

  25. Wuhacker

    Western Union Hacker provide a MASTER CLASS Western Union Hack and Bank Transfer Hack service that is secure, convenient and available on demand. We use a software bug (WU bug) in the system that enables us to spread malware (malicious software) and gain access to funds. Welcome to our site and lets enjoy making money.

    • Dylan

      Hey I’m interested in doing business

      • Johnson

        Am interested in the $200 and how do I go about the payment

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